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Best Video Marketing Agencies in Hollywood

Video Marketing Agencies

Using video to enhance your website or app is a creative way to help your company stand out. Video marketing agencies create content that can be of substantial value to your business.
That’s why we’ve created this list of the best video marketing agencies for you to review. Read through company descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your business.

List of the Best Video Marketing Agencies in Hollywood

  1. V Digital Services
  2. Rev Local
  3. Creative Mindworks
  4. JLB Florida
  5. Lotus 7 Films
  6. Hawthorne Branding
  7. On the Map Marketing
  8. BX Films


V Digital Services

V Digital Services is a digital services and trusted Premier Google Partner with locally-focused clients throughout the country. Our mission is to provide small to medium-sized businesses with more leads to grow their business.

Rev Local

Rev Local optimizes its approach for the ever-changing digital landscape to ensure local businesses are visible and relevant online. With the client relationship as the foundation, Rev Local makes digital marketing efficient, effective and affordable for all.

Creative Mindworks

Creative Mindworks is a full service Miami based marketing and advertising agency that creates innovative solutions for your marketing needs. Advertising enables us to cultivate that resource, allowing us to communicate in new and innovative ways. Creative Mindworks is in the business of sharing those fresh ideas and evolving them into proven solutions.

We are a collaborative of inspired individuals that create a formula for success – with combined pride and commitment. Creative Mindworks achieves this successfully through integrated marketing solutions. Our team understands that great looking ads and attractive collateral materials are useless if they do not provide results.

JLB Florida

Total solution, one vendor and central support. It’s something we’re proud to say we do. Professional business website solutions with all the online service and marketing needs in-house. We take care of your business and look forward to a long successful partnership.
A full-service marketing services agency providing the only centralized managed marketing services for businesses. They help businesses — from small to large — grow and thrive with strong internet presence and success that matters. All critical services under one vendor, with one bill and central support.

Lotus 7 Films

Our mission has always been to create powerful content that makes an impact, whether the goal is for the viewer to cry, laugh, buy, we understand the importance of video in the world today. It is at the very core of everything we do.

We take pride in having extensive knowledge in many different areas of production that are essential to the success of any video.

Think of us as an extension of your company.

Hawthorne Branding

A Fort Lauderdale based branding specialist, marketing consultant, and graphic designer providing consultancy and design services that make brands shine and revenues grow. Design for any marketing related project online or offline. Available on a project to project basis or on an ongoing full-service marketing management basis. Fast, free estimates.

On the Map Marketing

Our company is comprised of skilled SEO strategists, web developers and local SEO managers who work hard for our clients. Based in downtown Miami, FL.

On the Map Marketing was designed to be a unique player in the field of internet marketing.

Based in the heart of Miami, FL, we are an international SEO and internet marketing firm. The success of our clients speaks for itself.

BX Films

BX Films is a concept-to-consumer video agency based in Walnut Creek, Calif. founded in 2010. With a team of 12 professionals, they offer assistance in video production to clients from startups to enterprises, with a focus on advertising and marketing. They produce various video types, including commercial videos, brand videos, and explainers.
A private equity firm commissioned BX Films to produce a video for recruitment purposes aimed at undergrad students.


Kyro Digital is a production company located in Santa Ana, Calif. The company launched in 2015 and features a team of 17 specialists.
A storage company needed a production agency’s support to get the word out about their services by creating promotional videos.

Kyro Digital developed scripts and storyboards and produced a brand video that included an interview with one of the location managers.


Casual Films is a video production company that was founded in 2006. They are headquartered in London with additional offices in New York and Oakland, Calif. Their team of 47 specializes in video production, content marketing, and social media marketing. They primarily work with enterprise level clients.

Casual Films partnered with a non-profit organization where they helped create promotional videos. Their goal was to help their client become more digitally focused and appealing to their audience. The client was very impressed with Casual Films’ team.


VeracityColab is a video agency located in Newport Beach, Calif. Founded in 2008, VeracityColab’s team has over a decade of experience in video strategy and execution. The firm primarily works with mid-market and enterprise clients from the consumer products, business services, and healthcare industries.

VeracityColab helped a gaming startup with a branding campaign, producing custom videos. VeracityColab provided storyboards, scripting, and editing services for all the videos. Many of the videos created by VeracityColab featured 2D or 3D animations. The client was impressed with the VeracityColab’s video production skills.


Sparkhouse produces marketing and advertising videos from its headquarters in Irvine, Calif. Just outside Los Angeles and a second office in Del Mar, Calif. The 13-person team uses its video production expertise to design and develop videos for products, branding, websites, television, and social media. They were founded in 2009.

A third-party health benefits administrator hired Sparkhouse to create animation videos to educate customers. The partnership is ongoing and to date includes 20 videos from conference reels to interactive presentations to interviews.

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