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How I Get 35000 Spins In Coin Master

So how are you my dear friends?… I am hoping that you guys will be eagerly waiting for my post. I was not posting any post for few days because of some technical problem. As you guys are watching, I have 35000+ spins.
I want to tell you how I collected these 35000 spins.

Here I am sharing screenshot of my gameplay.

Coin Master


Friends it very simple technique, but it may take some time. So, you have to keep patient.
I collected spins, coins and many more rewards from the Daily Rewards Calendar and Gifts.
I had to say that about 30 days take time to collect this 35000 spin.

How To Win Viking Quest

Friends, if you want to play the Viking Quest, then at least you have to have 17 billion coins. Then you will be able to collect all the rewards of the Viking Quest and win.
I collected 17 billion Coins in the middle of this gameplay, I have tricks for that too.

Below i share screenshot of my gameplay…

Coin Master

You just have to bet higher spin so that you can win and collect Coin in Raid, Attack in the form Million Billion Coins.

The Rose Tournament

It is a very interesting thing, I also came to the top position in the rose tournament, which I give myself credit for that.

I had about 35000 spins. I randomly bet Spins of 200 in which I had to waste 15000+ spins, but you must be thinking that I did not waste the Spin, but friends, I did the Spin waste. Also found a lot of rewards.

Below i share screenshot of my gameplay…

The Rose Tournament
Likewise, the spin bet of 200 went randomly and my roses increased the chances of winner in the tournament.
When rose tournament is over then I get 1000+ spins, cards, coins and also many rewards.

Below i share screenshot of my gameplay…

The Rose Tournament


Summary On Coin Master

Coin Master is a game in which you can make your village and he can also ruin the village of others by attack, not only that you can also kill the raid on the other village, in which you can also get a lot of Coin and cards. Coin Master is a game in which we have to construct our village from millions of coins. I will show you that how I get free spin. From this tips i get 11000+ spin.

How To Get Free Spins

Guys here i won 12000 spin from the coin master. I will show you how i get 12000 spin from coin master.

In this blog i always share my experience that how i get spin, gold cards, raid and attack. I will give you full guide on these rewards.
Every seven to eight spin you have to bet higher to get higher rewards.

Now you are eligible for get higher spin from bet and you will get maximum bet times rewards. Read More…

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